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Tooth Sensitivity: Common symptoms and solutions

Jan 3rd 2022

Teeth sensitivity is very common, usually triggered after consuming cold or hot beverages and foods, specifically acidic and sweet foods. The sensitivity sensation is commonly a temporary sharp discomfort that makes it uneasy to drink liquids or eat food. There are many common reasons why you may experience tooth sensitivity, and there are solutions. 

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Why are your teeth sensitive?

Common Causes:

Anyone can experience teeth sensitivity at some point. The leading cause of tooth sensitivity is commonly eroded enamel or exposed tooth roots. Although there may be a multitude of different reasons as to why this may have developed, some common ways people build tooth sensitivity is: 

Improper Brushing: brushing too hard can result in the bristles of your toothbrush wearing down the enamel on your teeth. This may lead to gum recession and root exposure.

Inconsistent Flossing: flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Flossing properly daily can prevent plaque from building on your teeth and reduce the chances of receding gums or gum diseases. In addition, proper flossing will prevent inflammation and infection, which decreases tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Grinding: if you notice you grind your teeth during the day or overnight, you may be damaging and exposing your tooth roots. Teeth grinding can damage the tooth’s enamel and expose the inner layer of dentin, leaving you susceptible to sensitivity and decay.

Untreated Tooth: untreated cavities or worn-out dental fillings may expose your tooth’s nerve endings. You may experience sensitivity or pain when exposed to cold food, liquids, or air.

Diet: your diet is a huge factor in determining the condition of your oral health. Regularly drinking or consuming acidic foods such as lemons, oranges, and tomatoes, can wear down tooth enamel and expose nerve endings. 

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Solutions to Sensitive Teeth

Ways to Treat and Reduce Sensitive Teeth:


Proper Oral Health Products: tooth sensitivity-free products can have a positive impact

  1. certain Toothpastes are meant for sensitive teeth. They won’t contain  ingredients such as alcohol that can irritate the tooth’s structure. 
  2. Fluoride treatment: certain fluorides will strengthen your tooth enamel
  3. Toothbrushes: purchasing a toothbrush with softer bristles

Dietary and Oral health Habits:

  1. Better brushing habits and techniques 
  2. More frequent flossing
  3.  Less acidic foods

Dental treatments:

  1. Dental sealants: thin resin coating that can be applied to surface of teeth to prevent and reduce sensitivity
  2. Fluoride Varnish: concentrated fluoride solution that can strengthen enamel and dentin
  3. Mouth-guards: can reduce pain caused by night grinding, and may relieve excess buildup stress from unintentional jaw clinching
  4. Bonding agents: can cover expose teeth roots to prevent sensitivities


Tooth sensitivity can be an indicator that you may have further dental issues. If you experience regular sensitivity after drinking or eating cold or hot foods, you may have developed tooth decay due to some causes stated above. In that case, you should speak with your dentist. Upon dental examination, your dentist can determine the underlying issue or cause for your specific case, and may recommend ways to treat and reduce sensitivity as stated above.

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