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Is it a good idea to get Teeth Whitening?

May 3rd, 2022

A variety of factors can cause tooth discolouration. Certain foods and habits like bad oral hygiene routines or smoking can stain or erode the tooth enamel. A simple change in your oral hygiene routine can slow down the development of tooth discolouration. There are effective home methods for whitening your teeth, but the most effective teeth whitening results are from professional whitening from your dentist

What causes teeth to look yellow?

Some foods and drinks will stain your tooth more quickly than others. Becoming aware of the simple changes you can make is an excellent first step if you want to whiten your teeth. Plaque buildup can contribute to the accumulation of harmful bacteria on the surface of your teeth; brushing and flossing consistently and with proper technique is essential.

Common factors for yellowing of teeth

  • plaque buildup 
  • high dietary sugar intake
  • coffee, wine, soda
  • smoking and/or chewing tobacco 

The foods you consume and how you manage your oral hygiene routine contribute significantly to the state of your teeth. It’s important to note that anything which damages your enamel will be detrimental to the state of your tooth; subsequently, it’s color. Some of these common factors stated above can erode your enamel if not adequately treated, revealing the inner layer, i.e., the dentin, which is naturally yellow.

How to keep teeth whitened

  • start by getting in the habit of rinsing your mouth with water after consuming food, especially foods that stain 
  • brush your teeth after eating (especially after high staining foods like coffee and wine)
  • floss regularly with proper technique 
  • avoid sugary foods
  • use mouthwash 
  • use an electric toothbrush
  • eat calcium-rich foods 

You don’t necessarily have to avoid eating the foods you like or enjoy. Simply improving and consistently executing a proper oral hygiene routine will help combat discolouration and further oral complications. In addition, anything you can do to strengthen your enamel will help enormously for your teeth’s longevity and colour. 

Home Remedies 

Some popular and natural home remedies can also positively contribute to whitening your teeth. Oil pulling with coconut oil is a common one, which can remove unwanted bacteria from your mouth. Other unnatural methods include brushing with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or even activated charcoal toothpaste. 

Be careful of these trends that claim they whiten your teeth. In most cases, these remedies can be detrimental to certain aspects of your oral hygiene, like your gums. For example, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste are easy solutions to make at home but are abrasive and can wear down the enamel. So stay aware of these alternatives, and when in doubt, ask your dentist. Your best bet for at-home remedies is simply maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine. 

Do Whitening Strips Work?

Yes. Teeth whitening strips that can be found in your local retail store can help whiten your teeth. But, are they the best option? No. Even teeth whitening strips can potentially cause tooth sensitivity or even gum irritation for some people. They can help whiten your teeth by a shade or two but are not the most effective methods if you are looking for a bright smile.

teeth whitening

Your Best Bet

Although these home remedy tips and tricks are good for maintaining a semi-white smile, your best bet is to book an appointment with your dentist for professional treatment. Seeking a professional examination for your specific case can result in a treatment solution that is best for you. 

For the overall benefit of your oral hygiene, make sure you visit your dentist at least once every six months. Protect your smile! Be confident and happy with your smile.

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