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Canadian Dental Care Plan

June 19th, 2024

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a fabulous new dental program introduced by the Government of Canada. It aims to make dental care more affordable and accessible to eligible Canadians. The program covers a wide range of essential dental services but is only accessible by registered dental offices and eligible patients. 

This blog dives into all the details and questions you may have about CDCP.

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Canadian Dental Plan

The dental services covered by the CDCP include:

  • Restorative services (fillings)
  • Preventive services (cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatment)
  • Diagnostic services (examinations and x-rays)
  • Endodontic services (root canal treatments)
  • Periodontal services (deep scaling)
  • Prosthodontics services (dentures)
  • Oral surgery services (extractions)

CDCP Eligibility

To qualify for CDCP, you must meet the following criteria: 

    • Be a Canadian resident (for tax purposes).
    • Not have access to dental insurance.
    • You filed your tax return for the previous year.
    • Have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000.
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Canada Dental Benefit

The CDCP program will cover a significant portion of your dental care costs depending on your adjusted family net income, which includes:

    • Families with incomes between $70,000 and $89,999 will have a co-payment requirement at different percentages based on adjusted family net income (
    • Families with an income below $70,000 will have 100% of the eligible oral costs covered (may face additional charges as described on

How to Enrol in the CDCP

  1. Check Eligibility: visit the official CDCP website or contact our clinic to review the eligibility requirements.
  2. Apply: if you are eligible for the Canadian dental benefit, you must fill out the application form on the CDCP official website. Applications open in phases, starting with seniors and individuals with disabilities, will expand to all eligible residents by 2025.
  3. Approval and Enrolment: once your application is approved, you will receive confirmation from CDCP, which includes a member card and coverage start date. Then, you can visit your dental clinic and start using the benefits of the program.

Canadian Dental Care Plan at Aark Dental

We are thrilled to announce that we have registered with the CDCP and are now welcoming Canadian Dental Care Plan Coverage patients! At Aark Dental, we are proud to participate in this government initiative, ensuring that our patients and more local community members can receive the dental care they need.

Please contact our clinic if you have any questions about this program. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule; our new extended business hours are posted at the bottom footer of this page.

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Canada Dental Plan

The Canadian Dental Care Plan has been long-coming program. We are excited to be apart of this initiative and look forward to helping our eligible patients. We are big advocates of this program, as it aims to ease the financial barriers to oral health care for eligible patients by covering a wide range of essential dental services.  

It is also important to emphasize that not everyone is eligible for this plan, not all dental treatments or costs are covered, and not all dental clinics are registered or participating in the CDCP. 

Please read the details of this program carefully, and feel free to contact our clinic to talk about this program and what it has to offer.


The program is designed to cover services that prevent and treat oral complications, including:

Preventive (cleanings), Periodontal (deep scaling), Restorative (filings), Prosthodontics (dentures), Endodontic (root canal treatment), Diagnostic (x-rays), and oral surgery services (extractions).

The program will cover dental costs based on adjusted family net income. Therefore co-payment is required for incomes between $70,000-$89,000 (at different rates stated below): 

      • Below $70,000 net family income = 100% covered by CDCP
      • Between $70,000-$79,999 net family income = 60% covered by CDCP
      • Between $80,000-$89,999 net family income = 40% covered by CDCP

The Eligibility requirements include:

      • Not have access to dental insurance currently
      • Be a Canadian resident for tax purposes
      • Files an income tax for the previous year
      • Have a annual family net income of less than $90,000

Disclaimer: not everyone is eligible for this program, please ensure you have read the information about this program carefully on before assuming you are qualified.

Ensure first you meet the eligibility criteria, and that your application schedule is active, then simply apply through 

Applications open in phases, starting with seniors and individuals with disabilities (now eligible), and will expand to all eligible residents by 2025. (Due to high demand, it rolls out in phases, as stated below): 

    • Seniors ages 65 and above = applications started December 2023
    • Adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit Certificate = starting June 27, 2024
    • Children under the age of 18 = starting June 27, 2024
    • All remaining eligible Canadian residents = starting 2025

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